Click below on the restaurant of your choice to see what's on their menu.  Then give us a call at 719-547-4238 and place your order by number.

Feel free to print yourself a copy of each menu!

More Restaurants Coming Soon!
7th Street Station is Closed on Sundays.
Chong's Cafe is Closed on Sundays. 
Deli Dave's is Closed on Sundays.
Donut Oven closes everyday @ 2pm
Enclade's is open Mon-Wed 11-2pm & Thur-Sat 11-8pm and Closed on Sunday.
Good Fellas is Closed Sun/Mon.
Jake's Cakes & Baked Goods is Closed on Sundays.
Mr. Tandoori is Closed on Sunday.
Nachos is Closed on Mondays.
PCC Dining Services is Closed Sat/Sun.
Pass Key Abriendo is closed on Mon/Sun.
Rio Bistro is Closed Sun/Mon