Click below on the restaurant of your choice to see what's on their menu.  Then give us a call at 719-547-4238 and place your order by number.

Feel free to print yourself a copy of each menu!

More Restaurants Coming Soon!
Chong's Cafe is Closed on Sundays. 
Jorges is only open until 8pm Everyday.
Pass Key Abriendo is closed on Monday & Sundays.
Southwest Grill is only open until 2:30 pm Everyday.
Rojas is closed on Wednesday.
Mama Rojas is Open 8am-5pm Sundays. 8am-2pm Mondays. Open 8am-8pm Tues-Sat.
Mr. Tandoori is open Mon- Sat 11am-2pm and 5pm-8:45pm and Closed on Sunday.
Nachos is Closed on Mondays.